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Hi, everyone!
How have you been? I've been busy as always, with college, work and the mba... so whenever I can catch a break, it's blissful~
Lately, anime has been my scape from stress. If I watch one episode a day, it's just a "waste" of 20 minutes or so and it's so stress relieving~ :D

So I thought I'd recommend some of my favorite stress relieving animes~ They're all comedies, light-hearted and fun~ let's go see!

  Servant x Service

This anime is set on a public department, just like the one I work at. It's surprising how the situations are similar, even if it's set on Japan and all. :XD: The characters are all lovable and it's all a fun happy slice of life. Super recommended! :D


This one is just golden~ set on a family restaurant, it's all about the workers interacting. It's also character-driven and definitely one of my favorites~ :aww:

Love Live!

I've been on an idol anime fever lately~ Love Live is one of my favorites. The girls are all so cute and their training and such is inspirational~ My favorites are Kotori and Nico! :love:

Idol Master

Another idol anime. This one has more drama and serious situations, but soon everything becomes sparkly and fun again. Just how I like it~ :nod:

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Oh, how I love non-sense. The situations are so bizarre that you can't help bursting in laughs. I'm not one to actually laugh at animes, but I had to pause this one a few times so I could calm down. :XD:

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Pure gold! I can't really explain, but I really like this anime. I've seen it three times. :p

That's all for now! Maybe another time I'll make one list for mangas~ :D
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I asked, "why?"
The angel said, "angels don't watch over angels."
Twenty one angels are IN your world.
Ten of them are sleeping, Ten are playing, one is reading this message.
Send this to ten friends including me.
I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies someone you love will quietly surprise you.
Please read, not joking. God has seen you struggling with something. God says it's over. A blessing is coming your way. If you believe in God send this message on. Please don't ignore it. You are being tested. God is going to fix two things BIG tonight in your favor. DROP everything and pass it on. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. Don't break this chain. Send this to 14 friends in 10 minutes. It's not that hard
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