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My Little Hogwarts Student - Second Batch by CaramelCookie
My Little Hogwarts Student - Second Batch
Hi, everyone! :iconcutedashsmileplz: :iconraritybrightplz: :iconfluttershynopeplz:

Finally the second picture is done! I've been lately getting home around 10h30 pm, and by then I have no energy for the computer... ^^;

This time, we have Rachel Dashwood, Charity Bellis and Flora Ashay!

I struggled a little with Dash, but in the end, I decided she'd have highlights on her hair and a base color that was among them. Blond didn't suit her, and none of the other colors were humanly possible... so she's a red head now. >u<
Shy being a strawberry blonde worked well, I think. And Rare got black hair, it's kinda classy. >u<

More about them when I make the character profiles. :D

See you~

Done in Illustrator and Photoshop.

First batch:…
Friendship Through the Ages - Twily by CaramelCookie
Friendship Through the Ages - Twily
I love the outfits in this video!…
So I decided to draw Twilight. It's very elaborate, but I think I got the details. >u<

Done in Illustrator CS2.
Switched Pony types - Rari and FS by CaramelCookie
Switched Pony types - Rari and FS
What if they switched? Discord's doing, perhaps?

Rarity would immediately realize that she could no longer wear ANY of her outfits!! It's THE WORST POSSIBLE THING! So she's rush to fix them all with wing holes. :XD:
Sewing wouldn't change that much, except she'd had to fetch things by herself, which might slow down the process... but she'd get used to it. With no gem finding spell, she'd have to either search them traditionally or settle for using less gems or her designs, too.

Fluttershy's life wouldn't change too much. She'd have difficulty with interacting with flying creatures, but I'm sure they'd come down for her. Also, levitating things would help in this aspect. If anything else fails, she can turn into Flutterbat and gain wings again. (:XD:)
FS is a very easy-going pony, I think she'd be okay with whatever pony type. :)

That's it for now!
Made in Illustrator CS2.

AJ and RD -
My Little Pokemon Trainer - Trixie Lulamoon by CaramelCookie
My Little Pokemon Trainer - Trixie Lulamoon
Hi! I'm back with pokemon trainers! :icontrixeeyebrowsplz:
I decided to make Trixie first because of the new Gameloft app icon... :XD:
Also, I like that she has clothing in pony version, which helps when designing this one. :XD:

Trixie is a very proud trainer. She doesn't take losing too well, so she avoids battling as much as she can, but when asked, says she's a veteran who's close to reaching the pokemon league. She mainly travels around doing "presentations" with her pokemon, deeming then "the most great and powerful in the world", etc. They're mostly only slightly above average, so she "cheats" to fool the public.

Ursa Minor was Trixie's first pokemon. Even as a brand new beginner, she believed herself to be so strong and powerful she could capture a pokemon with her bare hands, and went for this cubchoo she found. It was of course too much for her, but as she was close to be frozen, another trainer named Twilight intervened and saved her, capturing the pokemon for her. She declared to have hated Twilight ever since, but kept Ursa as her main pokemon, for some reason.

Illusionist is Trixie's show main piece, often appearing as other pokemon, sometimes even legendaries, as she gathers people to tell how she had an"epic adventure to capture this wonderful (fake) Darkrai", etc. It sometimes transforms back accidentally in the middle of the story, and they have to run for it.

Prankster, just like its trainer, is very proud and loves to be praised. It was the first pokemon Trixie captured herself, when it was a purrloin. It was a hard battle because it didn't want to stay inside the ball, and it took Trixie 25 normal pokeballs t catch it.

Buster was a lot of flamboyant moves and it's probably one of her strongest pokemon, but it rarely fights fair, so she isn't even aware of its real capacities.

Smoke has the main role of making Trixie's "grand entrances", with smokescreen. It also uses it to hide any mistakes they might make, and, of course, helps to run away when people get furious. When battling, it used this move a lot and then self-destructs.

Mirrors works together with Smoke, using mirror shot to help distract and dazzle the public. Together, they represent the essence of Trixie's current lifestyle.

That's it! I think that after Sunset and the CMC, I'll go for the elite 4. I have Cadance, Shining Armor and Zecora. Any suggestions for the 4th member?

See you~

Done in Illustrator CS2.
The pokemon images come from Bulbapedia.

Twilight Sparkle:
Rainbow Dash:
Celestia and Luna:


Hi, everyone~ :wave:

:star: So, the other day I randomly started thinking of pony names... but I don't plan to have any more OCs or do any designs, so I thought I'd throw them here. Feel free to use them for whatever you want.

:bulletred: Circus Peanut
:bulletred: Pink Lemonade
:bulletred: Rose Water
:bulletred: Comfort Blanket
:bulletred: Crepe Suzette
:bulletred: Fudge Bar
:bulletred: Mirage
:bulletred: Desert Rose
:bulletred: Morning Glory
:bulletred: Comet Tail

:star: On a side note, here's a sneak peak of something I'm working on~ :giggle:

:star: Last but not least, if you are on tumblr, do check my two blogs! and !

See you~
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