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AJ and Rara by CaramelCookie
AJ and Rara
Hi! I'm still alive! Just buried down with obligations... When december comes, everything will get easier. >.<

Either way, I really liked today's episode! AJ ones are normally good, but this one was a keeper!

It was a huge coincidence, by the way... Having a pop star pony OC myself, who acts like a diva, whose cutie mark has a star on it, and has buns before her pony tail and actual tail (adult Rara's first hairstyle in the episode had them, at least), I was pretty amused to see it... :XD:
Also, Countess Corolatura (is that it?) is really a mouthful. :XD:

In this drawing, they're having some kind of country presentation on the stage. Since AJ couldn't really sing electronic, it should work this way? :p
Done in Illustrator CS2.
(SPOILER) The Cutie Mark Crusaders by CaramelCookie
(SPOILER) The Cutie Mark Crusaders
Wow, was today's episode a surprise?? :iconscootalooderpplz:
It was a normal episode, ok, Diamond Diara redemption, but still... it came out of nowhere!!! :iconsweetiebellehuh2:
I'm happy I got to see this moment, though. :iconapplebloomapplesplz:

So, here's the girls a few years from now, with some random fillies they're mentoring at the moment.
And yes, I do think Scotaloo's going to be able to fly, eventually. :D

Made in Illustrator CS2.
Akemi and Kohana by CaramelCookie
Akemi and Kohana
Hi, everyone!
Tests coming next week, and I'm already in a pinch... if at least the day could be 30 hours long... :XD:

This is my part on an art trade with :iconazure-art-wave: !
Her Aikatsu OC and her friend's OC, Akemi and Kohana! Here's the reference I used:

Done in Illustrator CS2.

That's all for now, see you~ :D
Fashionty by CaramelCookie
For a lot of reasons, I could only watch the new episode today. And... new favorite Rarity outfit!!
The white on white was a bit tricky, though. :XD:

Done in Illustrator CS2.


Hi, everyone~ :wave:

:star: So, the other day I randomly started thinking of pony names... but I don't plan to have any more OCs or do any designs, so I thought I'd throw them here. Feel free to use them for whatever you want.

:bulletred: Circus Peanut
:bulletred: Pink Lemonade
:bulletred: Rose Water
:bulletred: Comfort Blanket
:bulletred: Crepe Suzette
:bulletred: Fudge Bar
:bulletred: Mirage
:bulletred: Desert Rose
:bulletred: Morning Glory
:bulletred: Comet Tail

:star: On a side note, here's a sneak peak of something I'm working on~ :giggle:

:star: Last but not least, if you are on tumblr, do check my two blogs! and !

See you~
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Thanks for the llama! Es increible! 
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Any time! :D
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Well, wouldn't it be better to have a common friend do it? Sorry...
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No problem!~ :D
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