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Chibi Cupid Arrow and Pancakes by CaramelCookie
Chibi Cupid Arrow and Pancakes
Hello everyone! I've just risen from the dead... :D
Finals have kept me from being on the computer too much. But now they're over, I passed everything and here I am~ :D

My computer got a bad virus, and until I solve this, I'm borrowing other's. That didn't kept me from downloading Illustrator on it, though... :p

So here's Cupid and Pan, made using Looji's base - Chibi pony base - FREE TO USE
It was too cute to resist! :XD:

I've done a christmas card picture too, so wait for it! :santa:
See ya~
Cuddle Bug by CaramelCookie
Cuddle Bug
My entry for this contest: Contest Time! Plush Prizes! ^^

I love her character design, so pastel, so sweet! Also, socks!~ :D

Done in Illustrator CS2.
Anna and Olaf by CaramelCookie
Anna and Olaf
Anna and Olaf ~in summer~ ♫♪ :sing:

I finally drew Frozen! My two favorite characters, at least. :XD:
Since it's supposed to be after the movie ended, he has his cloud and Anna has no white streak on her hair. :aww:

I was planning to make a mini Elsa, Hans and Kristoff to appear in bubbles floating... but in the end, I cut them out. :p
The trees are stock "symbols" from the Illustrator gallery, by the way!

That's it~

Done in Illustrator CS2.
Hi, guys!
I like doing "series" of drawing once a while, like the Pony Princesses one. I thought of doing another, but so many ideas popped... so I'll list them here:

:bulletred: My Little Sailor Senshi

:iconmlptwilightplz: - Sailor Mercury
:iconapplejack3plz: - Sailor Jupiter
:icondashieawesomeplz: - Sailor Mars
:iconraritybrightplz: - Sailor Venus
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: - Sailor Moon
:iconfluttershyblushplz: - Sailor Chibi Moon

:bulletred: My Little Greek God(ess)

:iconmlptwilightplz: - Athena
:iconapplejack3plz: - Hephaestus
:icondashieawesomeplz: - Ares
:iconraritybrightplz: - Aphrodite
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: - Hermes
:iconfluttershyblushplz: - Demeter

:bulletred: My Little Madoka Magica

:iconmlptwilightplz: - Homura
:iconapplejack3plz: - Kyouko
:icondashieawesomeplz: - Sayaka
:iconraritybrightplz: - Mami
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: - Kyuubey
:iconfluttershyblushplz: - Madoka

:bulletred: My Little Pokemon

:iconmlptwilightplz: - Espeon
:iconapplejack3plz: - Sawsbuck (autumm)
:icondashieawesomeplz: - Altaria
:iconraritybrightplz: - Glameow
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: - Sylveon
:iconfluttershyblushplz: - Audino

:bulletred: My Little Pokemon Trainer

:iconmlptwilightplz: - Psychic-type Trainer
:iconapplejack3plz: - Normal-type Trainer
:icondashieawesomeplz: - Flying-type Trainer
:iconraritybrightplz: - Dark-type Trainer
:iconcutepinkiepieplz: - Fairy-type Trainer
:iconfluttershyblushplz: - Grass-type Trainer

That's it! Now... will I actually make any of them, that's the question~ :giggle:
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